We reported on this a few months back, but a new article from the Detroit News gives this situation a personal spin. As many of you know, owners of hybrid vehicles in Viriginia wearing special "clean fuel" license plates are allowed to travel in car pool lanes. Apparently this is beginning to seriously irritate owners of petrol-powered vehicles and veteran car-poolers alike. While the law was meant to spur the sales of hybrids (do hybrid sales need to be spurred?), it has caused once uncongested car pool lanes to clog with Priuses, Hybrid Civics and Hybrid Escapes. Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia and Florida are also proposing similar legislation with additional safeguards to avoid the congestion problems currently being experienced by Virginians.
The real kicker here is that hybrids, specifically the Prius and Hybrid Escape, would probably get better gas mileage if they were stuck in traffic inching along under 35 mph instead of motoring solely under the power of their IC engines at 65 mph.

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