Brabus, renowned vendor of fast Mercedes-Benz vehicles, has powered an E-class sedan to nearly 218 MPH. The secret? Oh, just a twin-turbo V12 that's been lifted from the S600 (somewhere in the afterlife, John DeLorean is smiling). Along the way, it received a stroker crank and a bit more bore to increase displacement to 6.3 L, new camshafts, ported cylinder heads, and a new exhaust system. The end result is 640 HP and 756 lb-ft of torque, allowing a 0-186 MPH blast in only 30.6 seconds. Subtle aerodynamic modifications keep the vehicle planted, and a set of huge ceramic brakes - 14.8" in the front and 14" out back - help the sedan wage battle against Newton and his laws. $400,000 or so will put one in your driveway.

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