The Scrambler lives, albeit not as a factory Jeep offering (sorry to tease you CJ-8 fans like that). AEV Conversions (known for their long wheelbase Wrangler conversions) is offering the Brute, a pickup based on the Jeep Wrangler. The new bodywork is formed from injection-molded plastic, and comprises a six-foot bed and a removable hardtop roof. A 345 HP Hemi powers the rig, presumably yielding brisk performance (AEV will also swap a Hemi into your standard Wrangler, for those not interested in keeping the shiny side up). Also included are an onboard air compressor and welder. No price is given, but a $10,000 deposit can be used to secure one of the first 25 vehicles built. Get yours now, or wait around and see if DCX decides to offer something similar.  [Hat tip:]

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