GM's Employee Discounts For Everyone program certainly improved sales, with the company picking up an additional 41% compared to June 2004 and grabbed 32.8% of the new-car market. That's an amazing success (although whether or not GM is making any money from those sales is a different question). GM's truck and SUV sales were up 76% overall, with full-size pickup-truck sales more than doubling despite increased fuel prices. Amazing. Car sales were not so hot with the exception of Buick (+18%), with Chevy passenger cars up only 2%, Saturn down about 1%, and Pontiac selling 14% fewer cars. How did GM's competitors fare in all of this? The most likely victim of GM's success would be Ford, but their sales remained relatively flat. Toyota was up 14% over a year ago, Honda was up 9%, Nissan shot up nearly 19%, and DCX was up 5%. So much for gaining much-desired "conquest" sales. Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Mazda, and VW were all down for the month, but it's likely that all of them save Mazda would have posted similar results even without the GM sale. Overall, the month of June resulted in an annualized sales rate of about 20 million units, a pace that might be difficult to sustain in following months.

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