You can't have one in the United States yet. If you could, Brabus has some goodies for you. Brabus' kit, the PowerXtra performance kit D3, offers the usual styling enhancements. The body kit really tightens up the B200's appearance. Wheels and a sport suspension are also included. These small wagons really benefit from being fitted with larger wheels and more aggressive body work. Not quite an ugly duckling to beautiful swan transformation, but it is a major improvement. It's more like ugly duckling to pretty duckling. There are also some major changes under the hood. Currently, only the diesel B200 CDI is covered by the kit, but one should be released for the gasoline turbo model later. The enhancements push the CDI's output by 50 hp and 37 ft-lb. That will get the B200 CDI from 0-60 in less than 8.4 seconds and will increase the top speed by 10 mph. That's not too shabby for diesel economy car. We are just waiting for Mercedes to bring these little guys over to the US.

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