For the first Joys of Project Cars post, I put up some pictures of someone else's project car and some general project car ramblings. Today, I have two things. First is this VW Beetle that I had done a while back. These pictures where taken right after we got the body back on the car after paint. They guy at the paint shop custom mixed a candy apple red with a metallic flake. Even at this stage in the game, there really was a lot more work to do. However, I wonder if one of you can guess the year of this car.

Project Cars Part 2

Next is this ongoing project started by the guys over at VWVortex. They are attempting to swap VW?s 1.8T turbo four cylinder into a third generation Jetta GLX. For those who do not know, the 1.8T was originally introduced to North America in the Audi A4. VW later introduced it into the A4?s platform-mate, the Passat. Both cars feature a longitudinal engine layout. It was also adapted to the transverse layout for use in the A3 platform cars, the Jetta, Golf, New Beetle, and Audi TT in North America. In its original form, the engine produced 150 hp with a very flat torque curve. The Audi TT would get a high performance version, with over 220 hp. A 180 hp version was also produced for the Audi TT and performance versions of VW?s models. The aftermarket makes it pretty simple to get crazy power out of these little engines.

Anyway, you can check out the project introduction here and part two here.

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