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The success of the Mustang has surprised a lot of people, including Ford. The entire 2005 production is essentially spoken for, and dealers are being told to start selling 2006s for those who want to order one. Clearly demand is strongest for the GT model, which represents an excellent retro performance value. If you can get one, there are no cars on the market that offer that combination of style and power for around $25,000.
There are some interesting highlights here. First the Mustang is outselling a lot of other cars on the market, including the popular Chrysler 300. It is also outselling 13 entire brands, including Mercedes-Benz, Saturn, Scion and Subaru. Demand for the new car has propped up the market for the previous generation cars as dealers try to fill their lots with some kind of substitute in the absence of the 2005 model. Kelley Blue Book states that values of the 2003 and 2004 Mustangs have increased as much as $1000 at auction. Time will tell whether this demand will stay strong, but right now it is a success for Ford.

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