Mazda MX-5 2006-250pxOne of the first in what will be an onslaught of MX-5 reviews proves to be not so positive. Perhaps it is because the tall British reviewer had to fly for 30 hours to Hawaii only to drive a car that is too small for him. Also, it seems he did not even have the chance to speed either.

I find it extremely unfortunate that Mazda chose the Big Island of Hawaii of all places for the press debut of its new MX-5. Perhaps it?s the predictably nice weather that is friendly to top down driving. Andrew Frankel with The Sunday Times found the local police to be too numerous and the speed limits too restrictive to really let the car loose. Again, I?m surprised that Mazda chose the Big Island. Why not some of the other Hawaiian islands? Kauai has some great mountain passes that would suit the MX-5 better. I do not see the MX-5 as a high speed car anyway. This is a machine that begs to straighten out curves, not blast down the drag strip.

Bad news also abounds for the vertically endowed; the new car isn?t any more comfortable. What a drag, but those who are tall seem to be destined to not own tiny roadsters. They?ll have to pony up for something larger and more powerful if they want to be comfortable. It is a tragedy that Mr. Frankel?s six foot, three inch frame reminds us of.

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