In what seems to be a follow up to both GM's and Toyota's comments on fuel cell costs, Honda aims to cut hydrogen-powered fuel cell car prices to a hundreth of their current level. Their goal, like most others pursuing this technology, is to bring fuel cells in line with gasoline-powered car levels. Honda sees this happening in two stages. The first step is to bring prices down to premium car price levels, and then bring prices closer to internal combustion engine cars.

You can bet that celebrities are going to jump on fuel cell cars once they're commercially available, but I digress. I find it interesting that series hybrids are not being marketed ahead of the fuel cell push. It would prepare the market for the driving experience that fuel cell-powered cars should provide. Toyota, how about the Volta? For those of you that are against fuel cell powered cars, the momentum of their development pretty much makes their production and adoption a sure thing.

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