So, you want a fast BMW 5-series? If an M5 is too hardcore, then what should you do? Well, if you live in Europe, you go find yourself an Alpina dealership. For 77,500 euros (or $93,612.10), you can own an Alpina B5. Alpina and BMW go way back, and their partnership is still important to BMW. Alpina will produce 1000 of the B5s, so the price not only gives you performance but exclusivity. The B5 will be as quick to 60 as the M5, plus will have the speed restriction removed for a higher top speed. It promises excellent performance with its supercharged V8 giving a different character than the M5's V10. Too bad you can't get one in the US. For those of us who like to dream, check out the review at the link.

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