Plenty of GM fans missed the Camaro and Firebird as soon as the last ones rolled off the production line in 2002, but the recent success of the Ford Mustang has an even larger number of potential buyers growing restless. As you've recently read on these pages, GM's RWD plans could be considered fluid, to put things kindly. Frankly, when I read quotes from GM such as  "We know there is a need for a mid-cost, midsize application, and we're working on a variety of scenarios", I don't a good feeling about seeing a new Camaro in the showrooms any time soon. That's too bad, since GM's line of V8 engines could provide a significant competitive advantage in the ponycar segment if wrapped in the right package. One has to wonder if the General is suffering from a terminal case of "paralysis of analysis" while their window of opportunity continues to shrink. How much longer can prospective Camaro buyers drive past Ford dealerships before succumbing to temptation? 

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