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Mazda has officially set the starting price of the new MX-5 at $20,435, which is $1,663 less than the current model. This is great news as the Miata's price has been rising for a while. Kudos to them for improving on the car and not gouging our wallets in return. Here's how the different models and their prices break down: (at the link)

Club Spec (5-speed): $20,435
MX-5 (5-speed): $21,435
Touring Edition (5-speed): $22,435
Sport (6-speed): $22,935
Grand Touring (6-speed): $24,435
Limited (6-speed): $26,700

You can get a 6-speed automatic on the Touring, Sport and Grand Touring models for another $1,100. Only 3,500 Limited models will be produced with 750 slated for the U.S. One has to wonder if Mazda?s decision to drop the price is a response to the Pontiac Solstice that will sticker below $20K and comes with a slightly more powerful engine. The battle between these two roadsters is shaping up to be one for the ages.

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