Sure, the US Grand Prix was a farce and a blunder of monumental proportions for Formula One, but now, after providing no other recourse than withdrawal from the race by the Michelin-shod teams, F1 is threatening to punish those teams for breaking F1 rules. The FIA is claiming that the teams who pulled out just before the race broke at least one rule and potentially damaged the Formula 1 reputation. The charge is that the teams 'wrongfully refused to allow [their] cars to start the race.' BAR Honda is facing an especially hard time with this stance by the FIA since they are under a 12-month probation following the fuel-tank-within-a-fuel-tank violation earlier this season. If the FIA decided to punish BAR Honda, it could face a 6-month suspension. I would love to see this resolved in a reasonable manner that would err on letting people race. It would be ridiculous to suspend BAR Honda for following a course of action recommended for safety reasons.

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