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Autoblog's Eric Bryant predicts what's next in the parade of recalls and opines that the big three maintain truck supremacy. John Neff spies a BMW crossover coupe. Walter Keegan Jr. treats us to an illustrated tour of Saturn Vue 2006 updates.

joystiq_conkerJoystiq?s James Ransom-Wiley sounds a Badass squirrel alert on Conker: Live & Reloaded, reports that Canadian Fairmont Hotels offer PSPs to guests, and posts some Halo 3 rumors. Steve Parsons predicts a DVD format war between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD.

tvsquad_bewitchedTV Squad?s Bob Sassone wishes Nick at Night Happy Birthday. Annie W gets down with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. Keith McDuffee highlights new TV-on-DVD releases. Adam Finley sympathizes with with unlucky users of Lost lottery numbers.

cine_hustle Cinematical?s Karina Longworth announces the imminent King Kong trailer, the latest reprise of Batman, and Cinematical?s Hustle and Flow Contest Winners. Plus readers flock to comment on our Why Aren?t You Going to the Movies? poll.

adjab_ufo AdJab?s Tom Biro reports on Branded Entertainment for print, the Vegas alibi campaign, and the Magazine Publishers? 2005 Kelly Awards. Chris Thilk takes us to MSN?s UFO contest.

luxist_cigars Luxist?s Deidre Woollard makes us drool at Gore Vidal?s Italian retreat for sale, Adam Newman wows us with the ultimate sound system, and Jess Nachtigal reviews a very special cigar.

tuaw_jobs TUAW?s C.K. Sample III reveals that Dell Would Sell OS X. Dave Caolo surprises with news that Queen Elizabeth II Buys an iPod. From Jay Savage we learn that .Mac is Dropping Virex Support. Scott McNulty points to an Apple white paper on Creating an Application with Tiger Technologies.


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