The LMP2 car is Porsche's first prototype since 1998 when it launched the 911 GT1 straight into the winner's circle at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. This new car features an entirely new chassis, engine and transmission from Porsche. The chassis and body are made entirely of carbon fiber, which helps keep total weight down to a mere 1,653 lbs. The transmission, which is also a structural part of the car, is an all-new paddle-operated sequential six-speed that's mated to a newly designed 3.4L V8 limited to 480 hp at 10,100 rpm by restrictor regulations. The car will be offered to customer teams, though only Penske Racing will be running it in 2006. Porsche-o-philes can get a sneak peak at the last two races of the 2005 American Le Mans Series where Penske plans to press the LMP2 into service.

Porsche LMP2 side 450 PR Photo
Porsche LMP2 overhead 450 PR Photo

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