GM plans to build passenger cars on a total of nine platforms by 2010-'11, not all of which will be used here in North America. The Delta (small car), Epsilon (midsize), and Chi (full-size) will make up the bulk of the FWD car volume in the NA market, with the all-wheel-drive Theta and Lambda utilized for midsize and full-size "crossover" SUVs. So that establishes what GM will be working with as it attempts to win back market share. None of it seems particularly interesting or exceptional at the platform level, so hopefully they've got some ideas on how to execute distinctive product based on underpinings that will ultimately be not all that different from the competition. Of potential disappointment to some of us is the article's statement that " GM's rear-wheel-drive platforms generally are being reserved for lower-volume, specialty models." Whether that leaves room for a next-generation GTO and the return of the Camaro has yet to be seen.

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