Carmakers seem to be clamoring to set any world record they can, and giving away free cars to do it. We reported on VW's Toureg setting the altitude world record, and now Kia has announced that it's handing over a brand new Sorento to a certain Swede named Christer Gerlach. Gerlach will circumnavigate the globe in his Sorento and achieve many firsts along the way. His route will lead him through Siberia and, assuming he doesn't get stuck in a snowdrift, will mark the first time that country has been crossed in a vehicle. Gerlach is already the first person to have circumnavigated the globe by automobile, but this will be the first time anyone's done it using a single stock vehicle on factory tires. The intrepid Swede will begin his trek in August and plans on following Route 66 while crossing the U.S.

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