Chevrolet is said to be exploring numerous unconventional marketing techniques for the upcoming launch of its HHR "cross utility vehicle" (CUV). Chevy will rely heavily on Internet advertising and "viral marketing", which I believe used to be called word-of-mouth (the recent Carl's Jr/Paris Hilton ad is mentioned as an example of this, but I doubt we'll see any skinny blonde reality-TV stars slithering around on a soapy HHR any time soon). Additionally, the HHR will be placed in an upcoming episode of Rides. Of course, TV-show tie-ins have been the Kiss of Death (or at least the Smooch of Delay, in the case of the Solstice) recently for GM, so for their sake hopefully they can pull this off without any embarrassing problems. My guess? If the HHR does well, it'll be because of its competitive pricing and not because it's "unique" and "expressive" or that a bunch of people on the Internet got excited about a custom version appearing at the LA Auto Show.

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