Car Craft, the prefered magazine for hot rodders who spend more money on cylinder heads than they did on the original purchase of their project car, is holding their 15th not-quite-annual Real Street Eliminator (RSE) event. The competition includes drag racing (where the "use of nitrous-oxide injection is permitted and encouraged"), autocross, and 60-0 MPH braking. Additionally, there's a ride-and-drive intended to weed out full-on race cars, and a subjective judging section where engineering, craftsmanship, and price are considered. There's a twist this year in how the cars are selected, though.  

In previous years, CC?s editoral staff selected competitors from the entries, this year the magazine weeded it down to the top 25 and is leaving the final selection up to their readers. Go to their voting page, scroll through the entries, and cast your ballot for the vehicle you?d most like to see in this competition. The top seven vote-getters will compete in September. Personally, I like Randy Davis? twin-turbocharged ?84 Camaro, although there?s a number of others that catch my eye (how could anyone not love a beauty like Peter Moretti?s ?87 Grand National?).

I?m also a bit disappointed that every entry is a domestic RWD product, but given Car Craft?s target audience (carefully honed through years of editoral import-bashing), automotive diversity is not to be expected. Too bad, since there?s any number of foreign vehicles that would have make this competition even more interesting. 

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