In response to slow sales and GM's own program, Ford is encouraging its employees and retirees to offer more discounts to their friends, family, and neighbors by offering cash bonuses. Prior to this new program, Ford employees and retirees would get PINs they could give out to friends and family to get special pricing. They could extend up to four PINs per year to family to get A-plan pricing and four PINs to get X-plan pricing. The A-plan is the employee discount plan, which typically gives pricing that is 3-4 percent below factory invoice. X-plan pricing is about 1.5 percent below invoice. Ford employees and retirees are given cash bonuses for referring people under the A or X-plans. They can use up to eight PINs between now and September 30th to earn up to $1000 in cash. The bonuses increase each time, starting with $50 for the first, $75 for the second, $100 for the third, $150 for the next four sales, and $175 on their final eighth sale. Employees are also given an additional four X-plan PINs.

Think of it as a more controlled version of GM's plan. Ford's pricing is better than GM's to begin with anyway. Perhaps it will help move some SUVs. It seems they're also ending the program before the Fusion and Zephyr are available.

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