Camping season is well upon us, but so are higher gas prices. As a result, many are moving to smaller SUVs, or even trading-in their trucks for passenger cars and minivans. Fleetwood has introduced their Pegasus and Orbit hybrid lineup of lightweight trailers, which are geared towards those with smaller tow vehicles. The "hybrid" part of the name should not imply that it's a good choice for Prius owners; instead, it presumably refers to the tent-like foldout sections. With a 26-foot model weighing "only" 4,200 lbs, it provides a reasonable amount of space while still being light enough for some crossover SUVs and minivans (those of you with passenger cars can still plan on packing a tent). Alternatively, those with large tow vehicles could save on fuel costs. I always thought it was a bit silly when two people to show up at the campground for a weekend stay with a 35-foot 5th-wheel.

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