With a reported 9,000 orders so far, Pontiac seems to have a hit on its hands with the Solstice. That number represents about half of the planned first-year production. But there's a lingering problem out there, with some dealers looking to inflate the sticker price with "market adjustments". This is blamed on pent-up demand caused by Pontiac's marketing push that unfortunately got underway about six months before vehicles are to hit the showrooms. GM is concerned that many prospective buyers are coming into Pontiac dealerships for the first time, so they're quietly warning their dealer network to "show leadership" and resist to urge to soak buyers for another few thousand dollars. This problem is nothing new to Pontiac. Many of us that went shopping for the first '04 GTOs were turned-off by greedy dealers looking for an extra $5K; "buy it before we'll let you test-drive it" policies were common as well. The model has struggled ever since. Hopefully most dealers learned their lesson and the Solstice will get a fighting chance to build momentum.

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