If in addition to being a car nut you're also a tech geek, then when you're not checking out our sister blog, Engadget, head on over to CNET.com where for the time being there are three news items on the marriage of technology and the automobile. The first is a slide show of Toyota's fuel cell vehicle, the FCHV, based on the Highlander. Each slide has a long caption that provides a lot of little known info on the FCHV. The next is a list of 10 Hot Vehicles for Techies with descriptions of each vehicle's "tech" content. The last piece is a review of the Scion xB Release Series 2.0, which, honestly, is a bit of a stretch for CNET. The piece tries to convince the reader that the xB is full of cool technology that warrants a review on CNET, but it's a tough sell. 

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