If you desire outstanding fuel economy, look no further than SAE's Supermileage competition. Part of the Collegiate Design series, the goal is to achieve the ultimate fuel economy from a small four-stroke engine (donated by Briggs and Stratton). This year's event took place on June 9-10 at Eaton's proving grounds in Marshall, MI, where the vehicles traveled 9.6 miles at a minimum average speed of 15 MPH. Mater Dei High School squeezed an average fuel economy of 1836 MPG from their vehicle, the best in the event. Winning the collegiate division and second place overall was the University of British Columbia, with 1608 MPG. Despite the seemingly low-tech engines, one can assume that there's all sort of interesting tricks being used to obtain that sort of fuel economy. I wonder if any of the participants are available to give my lawn tractor a tune-up?

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