For those of us who love driving our SUVs but feel the pressure from our peers to be more 'green', TerraPass offers a little piece of conscience. SUV drivers can now purchase the right to display a bumper sticker indicating that they're concerned for the environment. For up to $80, you can purchase a set of decals, and TerraPass then invests or donates the proceeds to environmental projects or purchases carbon pollution credits to take them off the market. There are different stickers available for different types of vehicles, and you do not have to be an SUV driver to get one. The amount for a TerraPass varies from 29.95 for a Hybrid to 79.95 for an SUV. TerraPass is a for-profit, so by purchasing a TerraPass you're putting investment money into their pockets. Deep down, something about this seems less about being green and more about getting green.

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