Running a 7-second quarter-mile isn't easy. Running one with production-based block and heads is even more difficult, and do it while also maintaining stock rear-suspension geometry and using 10.5" tires is an noteworthy accomplishment. The guys at Hardcore Motorsports did just that with their 2002 Pontiac Trans Am, crossing the line with a 7.94-second ET at 176 MPH (a backup run of 7.96 seconds was produced the following day). Now, it's fair to say that Corvette C5R block and heads barely qualify as "production-based" despite being available at your local GM parts counter, and the 385-cube mill requires a huge amount of boost (about 30 PSI) from its Procharger F2-R blower to make the claimed 1500 HP necessary to get the job done. It does, however, show the potential of modern powerplants, and hopefully supports the idea that we're truly living in a golden age of performance.

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