These spy shots are a little clearer than those we've seen before. We would say that the CrossGolf looks disproportionate with the car's short wheelbase and tall ride height. Now, one of the shots is of the car cornering, which has an impact on the wheel to wheel well gap and makes the car look even more ridiculous. It still looks a little off even when it is not turning.

VW also produced a raised 4WD Golf in the early nineties. It was called the Golf Country, and those in North American heard or saw little of it. Take a look at this blast from the past. The new CrossGolf is a little bit like this, a raised Golf with AWD. Now, the CrossGolf is not an adaptation of the regular Golf, but instead a modified GolfPlus tall wagon. Golf CountrySo it isn?t quite analogous to the Golf Country of yore. The Golf Country was only produced for two years, so we will see if the CrossGolf is more successful.

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