Valentino Rossi may have come out on top at the Italian MotoGP race at Mugello this past weekend, but the real story was Max Biaggi's 2nd-place finish on his Respol Honda RC211V. Biaggi's podium finish (and new track lap record) vaulted him into third place in the points standings and showed glimpses of his prior form, although Rossi still appears to be nearly uncatchable in the race for the championship. The crowd probably enjoyed that the top four riders hailed from Italy. In other MotoGP news, FIM has ruled that displacement will be limited to 800cc starting in 2007. Given that the current 990cc engines produce a terrifying 250 HP (or more, depending on who you believe), tire manufacturers and 2nd-tier riders alike have to be thrilled with this news. The teams and factories, however, are probably not excited about spending the money required to develop an all-new motorcycle around the new rules.

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