Since my associate Walt just finished an AutoBlog
Garage review of the 2005 GTO, I thought it would be nice to hunt down some aftermarket add-ons that one could use to liven up the Goat. STS Turbo has perhaps the most interesting bolt-on for the GTO: a remote-mount turbo kit. Normally turbo kits aren't considered bolt-ons, but the STS turbo kit is mounted aft of the catalytic converter and replaces the car's muffler. Installation is said to be easier than a conventional turbo because no extensive modifications are necessary, and claims of cooler operating temperatures, increased mpg and cooler oil for the turbo itself are also made. It all kind of sounds backwards at first, but the company's website is well-made and explains how the system works in detail. Applications also include the LS1 and LT1 Camaro/Trans-Am, GM trucks, Toyota trucks, the Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi, H2 Hummer and soon the Acura Intergra, Honda Civic and C5 Corvette will also be added. Here's a good PDF of an install article done on a GTO by Speed, Style & Sound.

STS turbo 250 PR Photo

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