My Discover Card is almost at its limit, but if I bag my lunch this month then maybe, just maybe, I can afford to put in a bid on this Bugatti Veyron 16.4 that's popped up on eBay. The starting bid is only $1.7 million. The vehicle description claims the Veyron being auctioned will be one of the first 50 made and includes the VIP package, which is an invitation to visit Bugatti's HQ in Alsace, France, test drive a Veyron and choose the color for your own. Oh yeah, and some old French guy will measure your inseam to ensure the custom driver's seat fits just right.

P.S. The description also claims the Veyron has four turbo superchargers, which sounded weird to us. The new July issue of Car and Driver has a news bite about a new VW four-cylinder that?s supercharged and turbocharged at the same time. Considering Bugatti?s part of Volkswagen AG, we were wondering if specs for the 16 cylinder engine had changed. Turns out, if you go to Bugatti?s website and poke around for a little movie on the quad-turbos, you?ll hear a European guy indeed call them ?turbo superchargers?.

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