Father's Day is coming up and I'm debating on what to get dear old Dad. The last couple of years the Mr. Clean AutoDry has been on my list, but I've yet to choose it over those mini Swiss Army knives that my dad always seems to lose in his recliner. I've used the AutoDry and like how it contains all the tools for a carwash in its handy little gun and it does seem to dry quickly without spotting as advertised. Although, I also have a friend who wouldn't touch his $50,000 sport car with anything less than a $300 chamois and designer carwash soap. I give the system props for its PUR water filter system and Dry Rinse Polymer that's responsible for the spot-free drying, and the Pro-series has a jet-spray setting that's five times more powerful than the rinse setting. Still, is all this technology really necessary to wash your car? Isn't washing your car with a 10-year old sponge and your neighbor's bottle of generic carwash soap a joy in itself? Can anyone out there convince me this is a better gift for my dad than a fifth mini Swiss Army knife?

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