<a class=PT Cruiser" hspace="4" src="http://www.weblogsinc.com/common/images/1141583158313460.jpg?0.19639475474562562" width="200" align="right" vspace="4" border="1" />Anyone familiar with AutoWeek's But Wait There's More knows about "Press Releases We Didn't Finish." Here's one we wish we never even started. Chrysler and celebrity hairstylist Ken Pavés (guess it's a good thing we have no idea who he is) listed some tips to "help you look fabulous when you arrive after driving with the convertible top down." (He must be a famous hairstylist because he forced us to find the "e" with an acute (thanks Alex for the correction) on it for his name.) Of course he also uses the opportunity to plug his own line of "convertible proof" hairspray. You can click to read his tips, or just chalk this up as an Autoblog post you didn't finish. Men need not apply, unless you're looking for a good chuckle.

? Create an instant day-to-night celebrity look with a sassy, loose chignon. Create this great style by working with your natural texture. Pull your strands into a smooth, low ponytail. Wrap the ends loosely around the base of the ponytail, securing firmly with bobby pins, letting a few random pieces cascade from the bun.

? Be Natural ? Rejoice if you are blessed with natural curls or waves, since natural textures are what hair is all about for 2005, and this look needs no defense against the wind! Go with your natural flow and let those ringlets rule.

? Just Add Wind - Add a definite rock-glam edge to your strands by creating the definitive wind-in-your-hair style. Start by shaking out your current do.  Flip your head over and spray hairspray liberally through your roots. Flip your head back over and style with your fingers. Go wild since this sizzling style is even better after a ride with the top down!

? Let The Good Times Roll - Big, sexy hair rules in 2005. The bigger and wilder, the better! Drop the top and don?t look back - but only after you lock in your gorgeous new style with Pav?s Professional Flawless Convertible-Proof Hairspray.

? Crank Up The Volume ? This applies to more than just the radio in your convertible. Blow dry your tresses, and while they?re slightly warm, pop in some Velcro rollers. Take a few minutes to apply your make-up and get dressed. Remove your rollers and shake out your strands for a lightly tousled look.

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