IMP Ltd, an engineering firm based in Wales, aims to change the perception of electric cars. Their new motor is designed to outperform any of electric motor of its size. Designed to be used without a transmission, the new motor may find its way into an electric sports car if IMP has its way. The design is scalable to many different sizes and is touted to produce 400% more torque than motors of equivalent size. From information that we were able to find, it seems that the motor design revolves around a shaft with a number of motor modules lined up along its length. The design calls for at least five modules, but can support more. Each module is "fired" in a particular sequence, stepping the motor the its revolution. This feature of stepping across the multiple modules is what makes the design unique.
IMP envisions this technology to be used in a variety of applications, but this news is primarily centered on electric vehicle propulsion. The technology could also be used for hybrid and fuel cell vehicles since they also rely on electric motors for propulsion.

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