Tuesday, the American Family Association, a conservative Christian group, started a boycott of Ford Motor Company. Their main complaint is that Ford supports gay rights groups, offers benefits to same-sex couples, and actively recruits gay employees. Out of their 2.2 million members, approximately 55,000 people have signed a pledge supporting the boycott. Chrysler and GM also support same-sex couples through their benefits policies, but they are not subject to the boycott. The AFA recently ended a nine-year boycott of the Walt Disney Co. That boycott was also motivated by support that Disney provided to same-sex relationships. Apparently the Disney boycott had little effect, because Disney experienced an increase in park attendance and higher earnings during the nine-year boycott. Perhaps Ford will see increased sales from this publicity.

No matter what your stance, this is a free country.  The AFA has every right to boycott, and Ford has every right to operate its business how it sees fit. 

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