Torque, torque and more torque. If you're not a fan of "the pull" the GTO is not the car for you. For those that love the feeling, the GTO should move to the top of your list. The standard traction control system does a good job of keeping the independent rear from swinging out behind you but does allow for some wheel-spin so you don't have to shut it off to hear a chirp or two.

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The GTO is big and heavy, much like its past iteration, and is not the corner carver like lighter cars like the Subaru STi that Inside Line tested. The GTO is a different kind of beast. The suspension works hard to keep the body roll in check and could be beefed up with thicker sway bars.

2005 Pontiac GTO AG

2005 Pontiac GTO AGThe skip-shift is a little strange when it kicks in, but it is a way to keep the gas-guzzler tax off the back of the manual-equipped goats. To override the system, keep the revs high in first gear so it doesn?t push you to forth, or go for the quick aftermarket override. The shifter also is not the smoothest you?d use either, we?d replace it with a short throw unit used in the SLP Camaro SS.

Steering has a good road feel. You know you?re going where you?re pointing. Driving the GTO was never overbearing around town unless you put the pedal about half way down; then it kicks you back in your seat. The GTO feels quicker than some of the 0-60 times posted in certain magazines. I?d have to believe the sub-five second quote by GM.

2005 Pontiac GTO AG

2005 Pontiac GTO AGThe 2005 GTO gets a ?proper? dual exhaust and a completely revised rear bumper to frame the huge chrome outlets. The new hood scoops, which I would opt to have deleted, are functional for heat extraction. There?s no Ram Air going on here, just more air to cool underhood. The scoops look better on darker GTOs where they don?t detract from the front end.

Other changes on the outside reflect the extra 0.3-liters added to the engine size with a 6.0 on the deck lid and on the retro fender mounted GTO badges. The GTO is closest vehicle to the old-school musclecars that I have driven with only two door handles.

2005 Pontiac GTO: Day 1, Day 2

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