Last week, Nissan released details of its new plan to revitalize and renovate its Infiniti dealerships.  In much the way that Nissan has sought to standardize its primary brand dealers in the US, it is also planning to do the same with Infiniti dealerships. The redesign is planned to help increase sales by 33% and this seems to be an achievable goal. Nissan dealers who renovated their dealerships saw an average 57% increase in sales against those who did not renovate who saw a 33% increase. Currently, Nissan is also planning to release the Infiniti brand to other markets, such as South Korea, China, Russia and Japan. This mimics Toyota, who recently released Lexus as a brand in its home market. All this planning is smart, with SUV sales starting to slow more and more people will turn to luxury cars and crossovers as alternatives.

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