We've often thought that the only thing keeping Gran Turismo 4 from being just like the real thing is that soft and squishy couch we're forced to use as a captain's chair while we pilot our Ford GT around the Nurburgring. Sparco, the famed aftermarket racing seat manufacturer, has sensed our discontent and offered up its Sparco Racing Cockpit Pro to ease our suffering. Designed for use with the Logitech Driving Force Pro steering wheel and pedal set, the Racing Cockpit Pro consists of a 34mm pipe frame with your choice of either a Sparco Sprint bucket seat or Sienna reclinable seat bolted to it. While the Logitech hardware is not included in the package, which ranges in price from $579 to $749 (seat included, though), it does come with rubber non-slip mats on which to place the cockpit so as to prevent a potentially career-ending rollover during high-g manuevers.

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