John A. Perez's attempt to import the Romanian made 244X SUV maybe permanently bogged down by air bag regulation.  Cross Lander USA, Inc, Perez's company, cannot import the 244X because it does not meet U.S. safety regulations. They are trying to get an exemption until December 2007 to give them time to sell a few before fitting the required airbags.  Air bags are required in vehicles that weigh less than 5,500 pounds. Cross Lander did receive a certification from the EPA, but the NHTSA is the next obstacle for them.

Obstacles are supposed to be what the 244X is good at overcoming. The 244X is a boxy ex-military off-road vehicle, rugged and simplistic. It's targeted at sportsmen and hunters who need an off-road vehicle. At a target price of around $20,000, it's not pretty, but it sure is cheap. So what if it dates back to the 50's, no one complains about Jeeps.

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