Sometimes when I pass a vehicle with really bright Xenons or badly aimed one, I feel like I'm under fire, or at least under interrogation. To be fair, many of the offenders have installed aftermarket high intensity bulbs in cars and trucks (aimed right at my rear-view mirror) with either a beam that makes the car look more like an UFO or concentrated so strong it leaves burn marks in my retinas. Not to mention the numerous Nissan Maximas driving around New Jersey blind after thieves had a party stealing the headlights. The NHTSA has received over 5,000 reports on the topic and those that have them love the improved field of vision; those that don't have hate the glare from oncoming traffic. The NHTSA finds that many of the complaints are caused by other problems, like aftermarket fog lamps and misaimed headlights and I agree. The NHTSA will take a look at both sides of the issue before possible federal legislation could dim the lights. Keep 'em level boys.

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