HEMI powered grill

Using your best Tim Allen voice, call out the things around your house that need more power, and make it loud enough for Chrysler to hear you. If you were unaware, Chrysler was running a contest called "What Can You HEMI?" and just announced the five finalists today and all of them will be built; HEMI snowblower, Zamboni machine, wood shredder, merry-go-round and a trike. Pictured is a HEMI powered grill. Wha? Actually we have a great idea for the HEMI-go-round. Instead of horses, use miniature classic Challengers, Chargers, Super Bees, Darts and Road Runners. Imagine that spinning thing on the playground that used to make you puke with 345 horsepower and Mopar style. Arr-ar-ar! Woaaaaaaaah!

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