Hell hath no fury like Howard Stern scorned. Love him or hate him he has huge marketing pull with the coveted 18-45 male demographic and this morning his audience got an earful of hate towards Hyundai and Hyundai NA President and CEO Robert F. Cosmai. Stern caught wind of an article stating Hyundai chose XM over Sirius to install standard in their cars because consumers were "not comfortable with programming from Stern."

His main bone of contention was that he believes the ink on Hyundai-XM deal was already dry before the company?s spin-doctors created the whole Stern story to inflict damage on him and his new employer.

Stern, in usual fashion, could not drop the topic, found a recently published article about Cosmai in the New York Times and highlighted a passage about a high-school age Cosmai weaseling out of running for his track team. ?Once I went off for a run and when the group was ahead of me, I stuck my thumb out trying to hitch a ride back to school,? explained Cosmai. ? I saw a car, it slowed down, and I was horrified to find out it was the coach of the track team.?

Howard screamed, ?He?s a liar! Is this a man you want to buy a car from?? The New York Times piece gave Stern more fodder by listing Cosmai?s wife?s car (a BMW X5) and his favorite vintage car (a ?65 GTO). Those that listen to Stern know all-too-well his comedic rants about companies and executives that don?t see things his way and his venomous retorts.

Listeners even got in on the game, calling up and recanting poor experiences with Hyundai vehicles as Stern wonders out loud, ?Who buys a Hyundai??

One fact Hyundai didn?t pick up on is XM Radio employs Opie and Anthony. For those who do not know who they are, the duo were fired from a radio station in New York after a member of the show called in and witnessed two people having sex in a pew at St. Patrick?s Cathedral for a contest.

Whatever you believe, take away one thing from this: Be glad that Hyundai has the freedom to choose XM over Sirius, that you have the freedom to listen or not listen and Stern has the freedom to bitch about it. Just don?t take those freedoms for granted.

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