The seventh annual Gumball 3000 rally started in London on May 14th, sending a hodgepodge of "stars" around Europe in very fast cars. It's become Jackass on wheels with the likes of Knoxville, Bam and Steve O all piloting supercars to wreak havoc on unsuspecting countries. When the rich English entrepreneur Maximilian Cooper wanted a reason to drive fast and party, he brought the Gumball Rally back in 1999. He has attracted quite a crowd since then. Other 2005 Gumballers include Adrian Brody, Ron Jeremy and Tony Hawk. The website is a little too involved and very slow. We challenge you to spend more than 5 minutes there before wanting to strangle a wafer-thin model. The prize is a bronze bust of Burt Reynolds. What? No Captain Chaos? Thanks for the reminder Marco.

UPDATE: There is a Gumball Blog with links to each team's website.

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