What sounds more like a musical featuring Matthew Broderick and 7 singing chimps in a futuristic world where music is banned actually is a "top secret" supercar. Thanks to AutoWeek for the 411, Project 1221 veils itself in a plain website that uses wording like "unfazed long-range travel-capsule with the atypical attributes of ample luggage capacity and optional full armoured protection." The first car will be called the MF1, to some more crude observers an unfortunate name, but one meant to evoke the successes of Mauro Forghieri, an Italian engineer with a lot of name recognition in F1 circles (or left-right turns). Oh, and he happens to be the lead engineer for Project 1221. If what the site promises comes true, you'll have one hell of a car to take your monkeys to the Temple of Syrinx. (and yes we know the album was 2112, take off, eh).

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