Yes I know that almost all the systems in cars today are run by software and computer-run fuel injection is more efficient than a four-barrel Holley, but I can rebuild a carb. In a disturbing article two Mr. Bills, Gates and Ford, outline a perfect world where no one will ever have to experience "driving" a car again. In this utopia, a car will never "let itself crash" into each other but most likely will crash the software (Honey, reboot the car before we have another accident.). No longer will we have to pay attention to the road, to how a car feels to drive or if the car in front of us is stopping. We will have "high-definition screens, speech recognition technology, cameras, digital calendars and navigation equipment with directions and road conditions" to take up all our precious time in the car. "Can't drive… eating." Welcome to the new automotive nirvana where it is just an extension of our living room, a mere distraction on our way to work. No need to drive to stores anymore since I can shop on the internet in my car and maybe even get it delivered to my parking space. Let's only pray this is many years in the future, but how close are we to having every car with a touch screen standard? Oh dear! Oh dear!

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