Our favorite entrepreneur, Malcolm Bricklin, was talking big at the Shanghai Auto Show. With a claim like, "Chery is going to be the next Toyota," you better know what you're really saying. But we think we found what Bricklin meant, and it was literal. The new Chery Tiggo is a Toyota. In fact, a Toyota RAV4 with a Mitsubishi engine. We see what Bricklin means now. In all seriousness, the Tiggo wouldn't be coming to America, Chery will keep their "designer imposters" in China. To be fair to the U.S.-bound convertible Chery did display at Shanghai, it was designed by Pininfarina even though it looks like a Cougar/Eclipse/Solara hybrid. Blame Italy for that. Here's another worthwhile quote from The Mouth; "Our SUV is going to compete with the BMW X3 and sell for less than a Subaru. It will compare to a $35,000 car and we will sell it for $19,000." Holding breath… Now!

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