Honda is now offering the Honda Civic GX sedan to consumers along with a lease for a home refueling system. The GX is a natural gas-powered vehicle and up until now was only offered to fleet customers. The natural gas fueling station and Civic will be available in northern and southern California while the fueling station will be available in other markets that the Civic will not. The GX can go 220 miles without refueling and costs about 3.75 cents per mile to fuel while the conventional, gas-powered Civic costs 8.8 per mile to fuel. Honda says natural gas also produces much lower emissions; 87 percent less nitrogen oxide, 70 percent less carbon monoxide and 25 percent less carbon dioxide than a conventional engine. The GX costs $21,670 and the fueling station costs $500 - $1500 to install and $34 - $79 a month to lease. You can't be doing for the money but for the cleaner emissions.

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