Lwxus GS300
While Walt is finding a place to park his test vehicle, I'm trying to find mine in a parking lot. Could you pick a more mundane color than silver for the new Lexus GS300? Probably not. But this is also the color in all the advertising. I preferred the ark charcoal hue I saw at the Chicago Auto Show. But it's not what's on the outside of the Lexus that matters, it's the inside that counts.


The GS is about a comfortable ride. At that it excels. It?s not exciting to drive in the least, but that?s not the main goal of the GS. I?m a bit surprised that there isn?t a ton of head room and the trunk isn?t that large either. Otherwise, this is the big luxury sedan every retiree in Florida would want. Aging baby boomers will like the more aggressive looks too.

I can?t really wrap my head around this car yet and I?m not sure why. I think deep down it?s the lack of the ignition key that is bothering me. The key fob sits in your pocket and the doors just unlock when you approach. To turn it on you just put your foot on the brake and hit the start button. Weird.

MSRP: $44,850
Rain sensing wipers: $525
Rear sunshade: $210
Mark Levinson Audio/Nav system: $4,030
Clearance Sonar: $500
One touch moonroof: $1,000
Rear spoiler: $200
Ventilated seats: $200

Total: $52,279

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