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If someone asked you if you'd like to spend a week in something that was as wide as a house, cost as much as a house and could pull said house off of its foundation with 520 lb-ft of torque, what would you say? We said "hell, yeah!" and so begins a weeklong invasion of the suburbs.

2005 Hummer H1 Alpha in the Autoblog Garage

Wide. That?s the first thing that comes to mind when you hoist yourself up into the H1. The height isn?t too horrible, but you will trip over the tall doorsill. Running boards on this monster would defeat all that ground clearance. There are only four seats, but the truck is wide enough to seat five across comfortably. Your passenger is at least three feet away from you, assuring no trips to the local ?make out point?.

2005 Hummer H1 Alpha in the Autoblog GarageHummer will be using the Alpha badge to designate the ?more capable? version of each model. Notice I didn?t say higher performance, even though each model should boost horsepower, but capability. It?s all about the off-road abilities.

The H1 Alpha mates the most capable factory-built off-road vehicle with one of the best diesel/ automatic transmission combinations available. The 6.6-liter Duramax TurboDiesel gives more cruising and pulling/climbing power for the H1 and is a natural for this kind of application. The Allison 5-speed automatic helps get all that power to the massive tires.

Inside the H1 Alpha adds four really nice earthy two-tone leather bucket seats and all the power accoutrements needed to try to keep the driver and passengers happy. At least you won?t be rubbing elbows with anyone sitting next to you.

2005 Hummer H1 Alpha in the Autoblog Garage

The H1 Alpha wagon in Darth Vader metallic black adds an ominous touch to an already intimidating vehicle. Some dimensions to put this vehicle in perspective; It?s as tall as a 4x4 Chevy Tahoe, about 4 inches shorter than the Equinox (thanks to non-existing front and rear overhangs that improve approach and departure angles for rock climbing) and almost 7 inches wider than a Suburban. After about 15 miles you learn to accommodate the extra width and the outboard seating position.

When you?re cruising in the H1, prepare to be stared at. You become a rolling show. People point and either say what a cool truck or what a wasteful son-of-a-b that guy is. Either way, the big bad Hummer gets noticed.

This Alpha is topped off with the Off Road Adventure Pack that adds a 12,000-pound Warn Winch, sharp two-piece forged aluminum wheels with dual beadlock and Eaton Elocker front and rear differentials. Added to that package were 37x12.5R17 ?E? Goodyear Wrangler tires with Durawall puncture protection to run the sticker price up to $146,622. Gulp! I brought the owner?s manual inside with me so I can read up on all the off-road goodies that this truck has to offer which I?ll cover an another day. Like nothing else, indeed.

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