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Turbo-charged wagon week continues…

If there is something ergonomically wrong with the layout of the new A4's interior, I don't know what it is. The radio and A/C controls are a bit congested but the tools for the real road work are excellently placed. And not only that it looks pretty good too. So if it's this good, why in the world is there such a horribly placed armrest?

A4 Armrest
A4 Armrest

Now as nitpicking goes everyone can easily point out that the armrest is easily lifted to give full access to the six-speed shifter. Otherwise your elbow and forearm are routinely rubbing against the thing. My suggestion would be to create an armrest you can actually use all the time, not just while at highway speeds.A4 Door AG

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, I can feel free to slather unbridled love over the Germanic masterpiece of an interior. The metallic looking bar running throughout the doors and dash is a nice touch and even though you?d expect wood trim in a tan interior, the silver color is not offsetting. And while Walt is taking on a Swedish/Japanese vehicle, this A4 is clearly German with flat black controls for the stereo and environmental controls. My only problem with these are the actual placement of the A/C buttons (they?re too far down) and the layout of the CD control buttons (you have to look at the digital display to see what the buttons below do).A4 Audio Buttons
We?ll get some more extensive miles on this puppy during the weekend as we take a jaunt out to the suburbs to visit family and Ikea. Then I can tell you if the seats are as nice in the longterm as they are right now. I hate to gush so much over cars sometimes, but on the other hand I don?t want to sound like some pretentious jerk that finds every little thing wrong either. And right now nothing is really bothering me in the new A4. And because it fits my demographic I tend to find it more alluring than the A6 I recently tested.

Roof buttons
Surprisingly the added Bose sound system is crisp and clear but has NO bass to it at all. The new Jetta might rattle from time to time but the bass was excellent. The A4 is almost non-existent. And I?m not listening to 50 Cent mind you, just some rich indie-rock.

Now let?s run down the sticker.

Starting Price: $30,450
Premium Package: $2,100 (Sunroof, seat memory etc.)
Lighting Package: $1,425
Audio Package: $1,000
Cold Weather Package: $750
17: Alloy Wheels w/all-season tires: $500

Total w/destination: $37,545


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