Forbes' Dan Lienert points to the surprising sibling rivalry between the new Mercedes SLK and the older Chrysler Crossfire. It seems with more people coming into Chrysler dealerships to check out the 300C, its lithe, two-door neighbor is seeing slightly higher sales than last year at this time. In fact it is a hair away from sales of the SLK. Lienert explains it away to the price difference. But I see it is a bang for the buck issue. Even though the Crossfire rides on the last generation SLK frame, you can get a top of the line SRT-6 convertible for just a few thousand more than the base SLK. That's 330 hp vs. 268 hp. You can't really go wrong with either one but value sometimes wins out. Instead of seeing it as a wash for Chrysler, it seems to be more of a success rubs off story. The Crossfire isn't new anymore and is sustaining sales. That's a lot to say in today's climate.

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